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Here comes the holidays, ready or not.

Christmas Trees at the Mall of AmericaI’m not exactly sure where all my time goes. Last I knew it was Halloween and now Christmas is just days away. I have so many movies to watch and things I want to do, but I’m about out of time.

Thankfully I have all my Christmas shopping done. I did most of it online again this year, but I tried to buy stuff in stores. It just seems like so much work. Plus I went to Wal-Mart this year. It just amazes me how such a big and popular retailer can have the worst stores. Even the new ones are dirty and I feel like I’m going to catch something just walking down the aisles. The downside to online however is that my packages haven’t all arrived yet. Soon though.

I am excited for Christmas though. It’s Lily’s third Christmas and this year she’s two and has a good idea of who Santa is and what’s going on. She’ll be so excited, if not overwhelmed, by all the gifts. We’ll do one weekend at home and then another at the grandparents. So she’ll have two overly exciting weekends. Plus I’m sure she’ll get tons of stuff. Hopefully things Dad like to play with too.

Lily with Santa & Mrs Claus

Lily with Santa & Mrs Claus

One thing that I would like, but isn’t happening this year, is a white Christmas. Call me old fashion, but I like snow in December. They keep saying there’s going to be a lot of snow this year, but would have liked a little before Christmas. Heck, I’d be fine if it snowed November, December and January and then all melted in February. I just think it makes Christmas a little bit more festive. Plus we’d like to go sledding.

If I don’t get another post in before Christmas, I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys spending time with those they love.

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