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Valleyfair 2016

For the first time in years we went to Valleyfair. I’m a thrill ride fan so I was hoping to hit up all the coasters, but it was also Lily’s first visit so there were plenty of new kid rides that I knew I’d be trying out.

We picked a great day as it wasn’t too hot, or too busy. Most lines were little to none and we were able to walk right onto quite a few rides. At the busiest time of day, we waited in line for about 20 minutes, but that was an oddity. 5 minutes was more the average wait time.

It’s been years since my wife and I last went and everything was familiar, yet seemed new.

High Roller was just as good as ever. For an old coaster, it’s somehow still going strong.

Wild Thing is fast and awesome. Such a smooth ride that I could ride it over and over.

Renegade is one wicked coaster. Doesn’t look much from the entry, but its fast and furious. I can’t believe how intense it is.

Steel Venom is fantastic. I loved it more than I remember. It’s such a rush.

I didn’t make it on Corkscrew or Excalibur this time, but I did go on Extreme Swing which is another great rush. There are so many good rides for all ages that a day just isn’t enough.

Lily had a great time too. She’s now 6 and just barely over 48 inches tall which is as tall as she needs to be for most rides, however she didn’t go on the wild rides.

Lily enjoyed the kid rides, the fair type rides, old timey cars, and the water rides. There are lots of good kid rides. Plus, she just liked watching the more extreme rides. We did get her on the High Roller which she loved. We almost got her on Renegade, but I thought it might be too much. And she was too tired by the time I went on Wild Thing, but she was interested.

Lily lasted most of the day, but was done around 4. To be honest, we were all wearing down. It was a long fun day for all of us.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get time for the water park, but we’ll save that for another day. Looked like a lot of fun there though.

It may be years before we make it back to Valleyfair again, but it’s always a great time.

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