What a day. When I tried to start my car this morning it wouldn’t. It would turn over but not start. I then called my brother and he asked me a few questions then decided that I flooded it and told me to try again later. I then got out of my car when I noticed gas on the ground. I called him back and said that I think I had bigger problems. Turns out that whenever I tried to start my car it just spewed gas.

I ended up calling Jeff’s Auto Service in Hopkins, MN and they came right out and towed my car. My car left a lot of gas spots on the ground, but luckley no one threw out a cigarette as it would have started a fire.

Jeff’s then fixed my car all up and had it ready to go by late afternoon. It turns out that the fuel line at the top of the tank was leaking. They had to drain and drop the tank, replace the fuel hose and replaced the filter. For all the work they did, it seemed reasonably priced.

I was very pleased with Jeff’s Auto Service and would recommend them to anyone.