My wife and I went out to a game yesterday with some of her co-workers. We really went to get the bobble heads, which we did. We each ended up with a Jacque Jones bobble head. Which, by the way, are all over and going for around $30 dollars.

While waiting for the game to start we started talking about the new stadium proposal. Every sports team wants a new stadium and no taxpayer can see what’s wrong with the current one. Me included. However, we think that the Twins should get a Minnesota business to back them to build a stadium. Think about it…

Twins Stadium
Sports Dome

How great would that be? Take the money from those business’ and forget about taxing the people. Granted we’d forever have the advertising, however it’s going to be there anyways. We already have the Target Center.

Just an idea. Hopefully the Twins have already thought about that, however they don’t seem to be going in that direction. To me it would just make more sense.