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Hello Chester – My new iPod

I was all excited the other day when it arrived. My new iPod. 20 gigs, full color screen and best of all it was free!

My Free iPod
I think I’ll call him Chester.
I did one of those free iPod deals after researching it to make sure I wasn’t going to get screwed over. And it worked!

All I had to do was complete one offer then get others to do it too. Now some offers cost money and you really have to pay attention. When I completed my offer there was one that you had to sign up for a free 30 day trial. Then it was like $20 a month. Once completed, I then had to play the waiting game. It took probably six months or more to get five other people to sign up and complete an offer too. Since it’s free, I really cant complain.

Then it happened. I logged into my account and everything was complete, just had to go though verification to make sure I didn’t cheat and then processing. It wasn’t long then until the DHL man brought a new 20 gig iPod to my front door. 😀

After my success, I’m now helping a friend get their . They are going for an , however the details are the same. He bought printer ink as part of the offer he has to complete as he always needs ink. Don’t we all? Now he’s playing the waiting game. Only 6 more months left. 😉 Actually I think it’ll take him less time but it all depends on how much you try and get others to sign up.

Whatever you do, however you do it, it’s real. I did get my free iPod and I’m very excited for it. Saved me $299 😀

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  1. 9/27/2005

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