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MIMA Summit 2005

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I was able to attend the MIMA Summit today and it was a great event. It covered search engine optimization, web design, email marketing, brand protection and much more.

It took place at the McNamara Alumni Center on the U of M Campus. If you’ve never seen this building you should take a peek at their website. It’s one interesting and cool building. Both inside and out!

Our day consisted of six session times with three sessions in each time slot (except the first and last) to choose from. A little variety for everyone.

The final session was all about 89.3 The Current radio station. This is a Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) station and, instead of talk, you get uninterrupted music! The station went from conception to on the air in about six weeks and it has been very successful! They talked about the challenges of marketing a station that was being born very fast and how they used a blog to let the public, and the internal staff, know what was going on. Check out their website and feel free to tune in from anywhere in the world!

That’s a quick re-cap of the day. It was an excellent time and the food was amazing. (Way better than at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose 😉 )

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