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iTrip LCD Review

When I got my new iPod (20 Gig, Color) the first accessory I needed was the iTrip. My old iPod (20 gig, 2nd gen) had an original iTrip and I couldn’t leave home without it. It became a permanent fixture on my iPod. So I ordered an iTrip LCD off eBay and and I have to say that it has some good features, but one major issue.

The Good: 🙂
Great design
No software to add to the iPod or iTunes
Easy to change stations
Only FM transmitter (that I know of) that goes to 87.5
Good sound quality
No batteries or extra cords to plugin
No setup
No delay when a song starts playing, it just starts

The Bad: 🙁
Very annoying static pop when changing songs. I hear it’s a design flaw and that it effects all iTrip LCDs. It’s really annoying at first, but you get use to it. Or I did. I still hear it, but I could never give up my iTrip. I could send it in but then I’d be iTrip less for a few weeks.

All in all the good almost outweighs the bad. I give Griffin’s iTrip LCD a B but if you are very picky about little annoyances, the static pop will drive you up the wall.

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  1. Michael says:

    I found exactly the same thing and it bothered me to the point that I returned the thing. I now use the original iTrip without the additional radio stations as I found that system way too cumbersome. I’m considering the Newer Tech one after what I’ve read. I also tried the ExtremeMac and found it limited the high frequencies so sounded very flat. And the Kensington charger/FM was great for no interference but I found on my very good stereo that it was way overly bright to the point of distorting the extremes so I think that one is best in an average stereo. I returned it too. The original iTrip so far has been the best on balance.

  2. otherguy says:

    affect != effect

  3. db says:

    I purchased itrip lcd and got home to find it did not plug into 5g pod video? So it’s back to apple store for idock probably…would have appreciated a question if not compatable w/all ipods??? bad cust service and now major headache of return 🙁

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