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Firefox Extensions List – Nov.

One of the greatest things about Firefox is the fact that it comes with extensions! That means you can add extra features to the browser above and beyond web browsing. The best part is that you can customize the browser for your needs. You are in control!

With that said, here is my November Firefox Extensions list. (In no particular order) These are all the ones I have installed at work.

  • Sage RSS Reader – Nice RSS reader that sits in the sidebar.
  • Adblock – I hate ads so this blocks them.
  • Autofill – It’s much easier to add a button to fill in all my contact details.
  • Web Developer – Provides quick access to tools that can help me troubleshoot design/code issues.
  • Google PageRank – Ok PageRank is stupid, but I still find it interesting.
  • Groowe Search Toolbar – Why have a Google bar, Yahoo bar, Ask bar, … bar when you can have one to do it all?
  • Aardvark – Amazing tool that lets you view the CSS of a document on top of the document. Very awesome!
  • SpellBound – Spell check for Firefox. No I don’t spell well. No grammar check though.
  • SEOpen – Quick menu item to access Google/Yahoo/MSN backlinks, cache and many other SEO tools.
  • Gmail Notifier – Checks my Gmail account so I don’t have to.
  • CuteMenus – Adds icons to the pop-up menus. Ok, so I’m not sure why I keep this, but it’s so cute.
  • Feedview – Adds a Safari like RSS reader. You see a feed link, click on it, and it displays it pretty like.
  • CustomizeGoogle – I keep this just to have the lines numbered in Google results.
  • FasterFox – A must have as it maximizes the speeds at which pages are fetched and rendered. Plus it’s easier than accessing the config file in Firefox

You can find all these extensions at Mozilla’s extension site. If you can’t, then leave a comment and I’ll share where I found them.

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Firefox!! 😀

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  1. Podhead Dave says:

    Great tools. I downloaded a few and will try them out. I was really interested in the gmail notification and downloaded but don’t know how to access. thanks, podhead dave

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