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St Louis, Arkansas and Back

We are back and ever so happy to be. Our vacation was good but it really makes you like being home when you get back.

St. Louis is a great town. We didn’t spend much time in the actual city, but rather an hour outside. However we did make it in on a few occasions.

First, the St. Louis Zoo. This zoo is excellent. It has to be the best zoo I’ve been to and it’s completely free! It sure beats the Minnesota Zoo in all aspects.

Second, the Mid-America Thanksgiving Day Parade! We ventured downtown St. Louis on Thanksgiving morning to see the parade. It was billed as one of the largest in the nation. They had floats, bands and balloons! Kind of like a mini Macy’s parade. We only stayed at the parade for two hours as the temp was slowly falling though the 30s and the wind kept picking up. Just go to cold to stay.

We also got to meet with my sister in-law’s future husband’s family. We went horse back riding and had a great dinner. It was fun to meet some of the future in-laws (or are they my in-in-laws?)

The only downside to the trip was a movie at the cheap theater. Someone said they heard Sky High was good. Well guess again. Lame move for anyone over the age of 12.

After St. Louis we went to visit grandma and grandpa (in-law) in Arkansas. They retired down there and bought an absolutely amazing house in the country. I’m so jealous!!! There we also had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (on Friday). Boy, does my wife and in-laws know how to cook! MMMMMmm

Then it was time to head back to Minnesota. A quick 12 hour drive (ok, so not so quick) and we were back to Minnesota; but not home. Rather we made it to Christi’s parents house. It wouldn’t be until the next day that we made the final three (additional) hours home. Home sweet home!

And what do we find when we get home? Inches of fresh new snow! I was so happy. I even had to shovel the driveway for the first time. 😀

So a day or two to relax and then it’s back to work.

It’s good to be home though.

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