Just Released: Tinseltown – A full Christmas Firefox Theme

Since I’ve yet to find a nice Firefox Christmas theme, I decided to make a few easy modifications to Firefox to make it more festive. You can see the two modifications below.

Firefox Christmas Themes Preview
Now I haven’t created a full blown theme. These are just a few minor edits that you should be able to make pretty easy. I’m on a Mac so I had no problems. If you are on Windows, well I’m not exactly sure how well this will work. Maybe someone can try and let me know.

Here is what you do.
1) Find your userChrome.css file. You can get details on how to find this file at the Mozilla site.

2) Quit Firefox

3) Download the background you like best and save it in Firefox’s chrome folder.
FF Lights FF Candy

4) Open up the userChrome.css file in any text or css editor and add these lines of code:
menubar, toolbox, toolbar {
background-image: url(“FF-Candy.gif“) !important;
background-color: none !important;
Make sure to change the gif name to correspond with the one you downloaded.

5) Start Firefox and see if it worked.

If everything worked you should now see candy cane stripes or Christmas lights behind the navigation buttons! This will have to tide you over until someone creates an actual Firefox Christmas theme.

Don’t like my images? Create your own and use the same code above to place your image behind Firefox’s toolbar. 🙂