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Toro Power Shovel Plus

Just got done shoveling with my new Toro Power Shovel Plus and I have to say it’s quite handy.

To set the scene we have 4 to 5 inches of heavy wet snow. The Power Shovel works up to six inches, however my show kept sticking together making clumps bigger than six inches. It’s also warm out, about 32.

The Power Shovel worked very well. When the snow didn’t just push and stick together, the Power Shovel threw it quite a ways. It will take a little adjustment to find the right way of using it for me, but it’s much easier than shoveling. I did find out that it seemed to work quite well win my left hand vs my right. Not sure why, but I’m still working on angle, speed and all that stuff.

The Power Shovel also has no sharp blades. Just a big plastic one that flings the snow. Since it’s electric, no gas is needed. Just push a button and vrooom, it goes.

I have to say that I enjoy my new toy even though it has a few issues with wet heavy snow, but then again, who doesn’t?

Downside is that it doesn’t help with that big mess the snowplow leaves at the end of the driveway. Ours was bigger than ever this morning and I had to shovel that out.

I’ll get to use it again soon as when I came in it was snowing very heavy. But that’s ok, I’ll just Power Shovel it all away! 😀

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