I’ve downloaded Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.0 and I’m using it right now.  I was all excited as I thought SeaMonkey would be Firefox+Thunderbird+Nvu all rolled into one.  Not Quite.

First off, SeaMonkey has an identity crisis on it’s hands.  I started it up and it felt like 1997 with Netscape 4.7.  Seriously people, either make a default theme or make the ‘Modern’ theme default.  People do judge on look and the Netscape 4.7 look is not good.

Second, some of the features I’ve come to know and love from Mozilla products are missing.

  • Toolbar is not customizable.
  • Toolbar icons can’t be small.
  • No RSS support
  • No themes (well not many)
  • No extensions (that I can find)

It just feels like old days, except with tabbed browsing.

The email is a little better as it does have inline spell checking, but it does need to have an image makeover and some toolbar button customization.

Now I know that the workers of SeaMonkey are doing their best and know about all the issues and I hope they keep working at it.  I think their is still a area for the all-in-one browser/email/chat application and Mozilla SeaMonkey could be it.

All in all I think SeaMonkey is ok but not great.  If you want to keep your email and web browsing together, this may work well for you.  If you like themes and extensions, then hold off until developers create some.