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Yahoo Answers Rocks!

I wasn’t to interested when I read about Yahoo Answers launching, but after trying it, I’m very impressed.

Not only is Yahoo Answers easy to use, it also gives very good answers and the turn around is anywhere from a few minutes to a day. I’ve asked two questions, one on cats and one on Windows, and both had excellent outcomes. Each question was answered and my questions were solved.

To make it even better, there were no people putting me down for asking a stupid question. With forums, some have a tendency to give stupid answers like ‘don’t you know how to use Google‘ or ‘why would anyone want to do that‘. Lets face it, not every answer can be found in Google in less than 10 minutes with a clear and concise answer. But with Yahoo Answers they can!

I recommend checking it out when you can’t find your answer by searching. Search Engines are great, but they are full of crap too. Yahoo Answers only gives you the results you are looking for. NICE!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to check this out for a while. Your post just inspired me.

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