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Kiwi vs MailPlane vs Your Browser for Gmail on the Mac

I’m kind of a sucker for Gmail apps. I really like Gmail, but I also like the look and feel of a desktop app. That’s when Kiwi for Gmail (formerly Gmail for Mac) was launched on Kickstarter, I was quick to jump in. I was hoping for something amazing, but I got something good instead. Kiwi […]


My love affair with wifi is unstable.

I always thought that having wireless would be the end of all our networking issues. I mean we have no cords to run so it’s gotta be better. Right?! Sadly no. Now that we’re in a new house I’ve been struggling as to where to put the router to get the best signal. I’ve been […]


SimCity BuildIt Is As Amazing As I Remember

Back in the late 90s early 00s I remember playing SimCity. I spent hours building my cities and watching them get distorted by fire, tornadoes, and aliens. Then yesterday, I downloaded SimCity BuildIt and I’m addicted once again. SimCity BuildIt is available on iOS and Android and it’s pretty much the same game as I remember, […]


How To Mass Delete iOS Music

I’ve got iTunes Match turned on and every now and then I want to remove a bunch of music from my iPhone. I’m not talking about what’s in iCloud, but what’s been downloaded onto my phone. Most places say that you can only do it one song at a time. I’ve been there, spending hours trying […]


A Rundown of Mac eMail Applications

The Mac has no shortage of email applications, however I haven’t yet found one that can tear me away from Gmail’s web interface. What I’d love is an email client that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Mac, doesn’t cost too much, and just works. However, that doesn’t exist currently. For now, here is a roundup of […]


Hello Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite

  I couldn’t resist the urge to upgrade to Yosemite, so I did. The download took forever, and the install maybe a half hour, but in the end, it was worth it. My initial impressions are that a lot has changed. The new UI will take a little getting use to. It’s amazing how much […]