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Sliding down a pre-shoveled path works great.

Having a nice sliding hill is one thing, but it can be a lot of work to carve out a path. However, we realized that the neighbors had a walking path down the hill that they kept well shoveled. It happened to be a little icy too and was perfect for sledding! It’s great because […]

Tips to giving medicine to your little ones.

We’ll Lily has completed her first round of medications. She had to take both eye drops and liquid meds and she did pretty well. With the eye drops the trick was to turn her head to the left try to put them in the corner of her left eye, right by the tear duct. Once […]

Do your part to fuel your kids imagination.

The thing I love most about kids is their imagination and creativity. The world is theirs to conquer and they fear nothing. As parents, we should fuel our kids imagination by either playing along and/or doing what we can to help out. VW has a great ad out right now that sums this all up […]

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Are you running out of time to get a gift for your toddler? If so, here are a few easy and fun ideas. A Cardboard Box – Lily loves the boxes that bring gifts in them more for the boxes than what’s inside. A Plastic Tub – You know, one of those storage tubs. Much […]

Overnight diapers help stop Lily from waking up at night.

Last week I wrote about how Lily was waking up at 4:30am. We thought it might be because her diaper was getting too full so we got ourselves some overnight diapers. Sure enough, that has helped a lot! She still wakes with a really full diaper, but it’s not like her pjs are wet. And […]

Our first weekend away from Lily.

Over Labor Day weekend, we had our first weekend away from Lily. It was two nights, and nearly two days, of just me and the wife with no baby and it was fun; weird but fun. As new parents, we get so use to carrying the diaper bag, pushing a stroller and doing all those […]

10 Things I learned while traveling with a baby.

Last week was our first big vacation as a family. We packed everything up and flew out to San Diego; which is about a 4 hour flight. Here are a few things I learned while traveling with a baby. If you can, travel with your spouse. I couldn’t imagine having done this trip alone. From […]

Have I found the secret to putting babies to sleep?

Just a few days ago I was complaining that Lily was hard to put down and that she didn’t want anything to do with me at bed time. Fast forward a week or so and things are much better. I’m now able to put her to sleep, and it’s taking considerably less time. So how […]

How do you take a baby to 4th of July fireworks?

Here it is 4th of July weekend and we’ve got no plans, which is a good thing, however fireworks are pretty much out for this year. Now I love fireworks, and I’m not a fan of sitting inside on the 4th when they are going on, but I’m not taking Lily to see them this […]