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Whatever it is, just blame it on teething.

Did you know that you can blame anything on teething? Turns out it’s a great scapegoat. Baby can’t sleep? Well, they’re probably teething. Fussy? They’re teething. Spitting up? Teething. Doesn’t want to go to bed? Teething. Looking at you funny? Teething. Rips books apart with the teeth they have? Must be teething more. Poops a […]

When installing a car seat, put your shoulder into it.

Over the weekend we installed our second, non-infant, car seat. Lily is finally outgrowing her first one and so we’ve got a big new fancy one. I swear it’s more comfortable than the rest of the seats in the car. Anyway, installing car seats is a pain. But I realized that instead of just pushing […]

Introducing Pets To A New Baby

Back when we were contemplating about getting pregnant, one of the things we worried about was how our cats would deal with a baby. We love our cats and didn’t quite know what to expect. The good news is, it’s worked out better than we ever expected. Here is what we did that seemed to […]

The amazing sleep patterns of babies.

I’m constantly amazed at the stages babies go though and how quickly they pass. When Lily was born it took work to put her to sleep and she’d be up every two hours or so. After about two months she was easier to put down and sleeping a few hours at a time. Then it […]

Every parent needs a good digital camera.

If you are about to have a baby, there will be many things on your checklist to buy. One item I highly suggest getting, if you don’t already have one, is a nice digital camera. You want something small and easy to use as you’ll be taking lots of photos. You’ll want to be able […]

They’re fine. Just relax a little.

One piece of advice we overheard when the wife was pregnant was to not freak out at every little thing. Now that Lily is moving around more and more, I realize how great that advice really is. The idea is simple, if you freak out, your baby freaks out. They look to you for comfort […]

12 reasons why every parent needs an iPhone.

There are tons of things that parents buy before having a baby. However, an iPhone may be the most fun & important. Why? Because of these features: The Digital Camera – You’re going to be taking an insane amount of pictures, especially if it’s your first baby, so having a camera handy is a necessity. […]

Why kids are worth having.

Have you ever wondered why some people have kids? Well Jason Flom wrote a humorous post titled “13 Reasons Having Kids is Worth It!” and it’s worth checking out. My favorite is #9. After eating cereal on the couch while watching Saturday morning cartoons (and waxing about how much better they were when you were […]