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Help Save a Firefox Theme or Extension!

Did you know that there are Firefox themes and extensions stuck in the sandbox and that you can help save them? It’s true, with just a few clicks of the mouse, and taps on the keyboard, you can bring joy to a Firefox addon and their developer. It’s really easy, just head over to the […]

Made on a Mac WordPress Plugin

This is quite possibly the greatest plugin ever!* You can now get the Made on a Mac WordPress plugin that will automatically insert a button to your blog that states your blog was made on a Mac. How cool is that?! The initial release is extremely basic. Just install it and enable it. That’s all. […]

Simpsons Firefox Theme

It’s not exactly in English, but it doesn’t really matter. There is an official Simpsons Firefox theme promoting the movie. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. //   Sure, it’s a German theme, but it contains doughnuts and The Simpsons Movie logo. I had thought of creating a Simpsons theme once, but it would […]

iAqua – Mac Like Theme – Beta 3

iAqua Beta 3 is ready for testers. Yes, if you’ve been installing it, then you are a tester. 🙂 So what’s new in beta 3? So glad you asked. Updated Progress Bar. Just a tiny bit. Updated Bookmarks bar so if you have more than one line, it doesn’t look completely ugly. It’s been condensed […]

iAqua Takes HUGE Leap Forward

iAqua is rolling along at a fantastic rate. I’ve been working on adding in some of the feedback I’ve been given and theming many other areas. It’s now a much more complete Firefox theme.   The number of additions to 0.2beta are to many to count but here are a few: Apple like scrollbars. Re-worked […]

iAqua Firefox Theme Beta1

iAqua is my latest Firefox theme based off of Apple Mail’s interface and a mockup created by Mozilla. [image lost] This all started when I ran across a forum post over at MacThemes. Ed posted about an idea that Mozilla had for Firefox 2’s Mac interface. It never came to be, so I started working […]

Changing Fonts & Colors in Firefox Themes

Today’s question comes off the iPox Remix request line: How do I make the font on the bookmark toolbar change color when I hover over it? Since Firefox runs mainly on CSS, this is a pretty easy edit. Just go into /browser/browser.css and look for the following chunk of code: toolbarbutton.bookmark-item:hover, toolbarbutton.bookmark-item:hover:active, toolbarbutton.bookmark-item[open=”true”] { background: […]

Customize Firefox’s Scrollbar

One nice element that can really bring a Firefox theme together is a themed scrollbar. Lucky for you, this is already read to go in iPox Remix. Simply open the global folder and inside you’ll find scrollbar.css and a scrollbars folder. The scrollbar folder contains all the pieces. I don’t believe the hover states are […]

Submitting Your Theme to Mozilla

Once you’ve gone though and created your own, original, Firefox theme via the iPox Remix tutorials, you’re next step is to submit it to the Mozilla Addon site for the world to enjoy. Head on over to and register for a free account. Once that’s done, you should see a ‘Developers Tools’ link in […]

The Flavors of Gecko Technology

The number of different applications that use Gecko are ever increasing. What’s Gecko? It’s the rendering engine that powers such programs as Firefox, Thunderbird and many more. I guess it all starts with Netscape back in 1998 and possibly even before that when Netscape decided to make a technology to power their browser. It’s come […]