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GA? Upgraded to work with new Google Analytics code.

Google Analytics recently updated their tracking code. In doing so, my GA? Firefox extension didn’t recognize the newer code. However, with a few new lines of code, the GA? Firefox extension works with the old and new Google tracking code. Thanks to those who wrote in requesting the update. It really helps me get a […]

The Beauty of Mozilla’s Prism Project

Have you checked out Mozilla’s Prism project yet? It’s pretty sweet. Prism is basically a version of Firefox with no address bar, no icons, no bookmarks, nothing. It’s just a browser that loads one pre-defined bookmark at a time. It sounds a little weird, but it’s really useful. When you start up Prism, it asks […]

Tinseltown Feedback Wanted

It’s that time of the year again. Time to put up the lights, shop till you drop and dress up your Firefox with Tinseltown, a Christmas theme. I’ve no formal update plans for Tinseltown, so I’m asking you. What would you like to see updated? I’ve been running Tinseltown for a few days and there […]

extero Firefox Theme Launches

My latest Firefox theme, extero, has hit version 1.0 and is live and ready for your enjoyment! extero is a gray theme with bright brilliant icons from Jonas. It was created to be just a little bit different, but nothing overboard. Checkout extero and see what you think.

A Quick Look at Firefox 3 Beta 1

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out and there are a few nice new features. I took a few minutes and played around with it and here are my findings. The Install DMG still doesn’t include an alias to the Mac Applications folder. Come on Mozilla, get this one working please. Once installed, the new Mac […]

Google Analytics Extension Updated

The new version of GA? has been released. The Google Analytics detector now re-checks each page as you switch between tabs to ensure the status bar icon is kept up to date. This was a big enhancement for me as I’ve always got multiple tabs open. However, with advancements comes a few more bug reports. […]

yExplore 1.6 Fixes Bug

If you use yExplore, you may have noticed that it’s stopped working properly lately. This is due to a change made by Yahoo Site Explorer. The good news is it’s been fixed! yExplore 1.6.1 has been updated and released! The new version updates the domain URL structure to work correctly with the updated Yahoo Site […]

I put the pink in PinkHope

PinkHope, a breast cancer awareness theme, has been completely re-vamped and released as version 1.0. The new version goes pink big time. I’ve been talking about making PinkHope into it’s own unique theme for a while now and I finally did it. It now sports a pink background behind the tool, address, status and tab […]

iPox Remix – General Theme Answers

iPox Remix has generated a lot of interest in themes, but there are many unanswered questions out there. Here are a few that have come across my email. 1. How do I use a different image/skin for the menu bar and the bar with the address box? The main menu bar with File, Edit, View […]

iPox Halloween Costume

Are you one of the many fans of the iPox Firefox theme? Well I’ve got a treat for you. I created a quick Halloween costume for iPox. It’s a few tweaks to create a black menu & address bar along with an orange bookmarks bar and a green tab bar. Kinda spooky right? // Image […]