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SpamAssassin Research & Battle

I’ve been doing a lot of spam research lately and trying to figure out why certain email messages were being tagged as [Spam] in the subject line and others weren’t. Now, this isn’t your typical spam, it’s legit emails and ones that shouldn’t be marked. All the obvious items were checked into and no issues […]

Use iPhone Applications in Firefox’s Sidebar

With the release of the iPhone, many software companies are releasing iPhone versions of their applications. Even though you might not have an iPhone, there is still a chance that you can use them with Firefox’s sidebar. Firefox’s sidebar is and odd place to load a web page, however if you manage your bookmarks, there […]

Garth Brooks is More than a Memory

Garth Brooks is back on the radio with his yearly single. This time it’s titled More than a Memory. The thought of a new Garth music shouldn’t come as to much of a surprise. It seems that with his Walmart deal, Garth gets a new product each year and those products are then promoted via […]

I love & hate CSS.

I love CSS, but yet I hate it to. For some reason, the same code can’t work in all browsers. And I’m not just complaining about the non-standards compliant Internet Explorer (all versions) but I’m finding minor differences in different versions of Firefox. How is that possible?!! Getting everything to line up just seems to […]

extero is Coming

I’ve been working on a new Firefox theme called extero and it should be ready for release in a week or two. extero uses great icons designed by Jonasrask Design which they gave out for free. Seeing as I couldn’t turn up the icons, I built them into a Firefox theme. I’m trying to make […]

Is Google Analytics Installed? – GA? Firefox Extension

  To get the best results out of Google Analytics, you need to ensure it’s installed on each page of a website. To automatically check for you, I’ve created a Firefox extension to do all the work. GA? will put a little icon in the status bar of your Firefox web browser. It will then […]

What happened to SpyMac?

I can remember a few years ago when SpyMac was all the rage. It was a very up-and-coming Mac community that tried to do everything and with style. Now it seems like a social media crash site. I guess classic SpyMac is a better representation of what it use to be. It was a huge […]

Goodbye Mighty Mouse

I had complained that my Apple Mighty Mouse could no longer scroll down and now it’s dead. I had taken it to the Apple store in hopes they’d help. Instead they sent me to YouTube to watch a video on how to clean the Mighty Mouse. Well, I tried to open the mouse and ended […]

iAqua – Mac Like Theme – Beta 3

iAqua Beta 3 is ready for testers. Yes, if you’ve been installing it, then you are a tester. 🙂 So what’s new in beta 3? So glad you asked. Updated Progress Bar. Just a tiny bit. Updated Bookmarks bar so if you have more than one line, it doesn’t look completely ugly. It’s been condensed […]

iAqua Takes HUGE Leap Forward

iAqua is rolling along at a fantastic rate. I’ve been working on adding in some of the feedback I’ve been given and theming many other areas. It’s now a much more complete Firefox theme.   The number of additions to 0.2beta are to many to count but here are a few: Apple like scrollbars. Re-worked […]