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Welcome Archie

Today we adopted a dog. His name is Archie. Adopting a dog is something we’ve wanted to do for a while and we finally found one that felt like the right fit for our family. Archie is about 6 months old and has been nothing but amazing. He hasn’t barked, he seems pretty potty trained, […]


The FitBit shows me how lazy work makes me.

I got my wife a new FitBit for Christmas so I got her old one. I was pretty sure that I walked a lot at work, but it turns out, I don’t. Work makes me very lazy. After wearing it a few months, I notice that I make very few steps on work days. My […]


My DIY Standing Desk

Working from home has its perks but one thing I miss is my standing desk. Granted, I don’t stand as much as I should at work, but sitting all day at home doesn’t feel so good. So I built myself a standing desk out of things I had lying around. I propped the laptop up on […]


Our first visit to the Big Thrill Factory.

  • Balancing
    Walking The Ropes Course
  • Big Smile
    Big smile while walking the ropes course.
  • Balance
    One step at a time.
  • Zig Zag
    Not all balance beams were straight.
  • More Rope
    Lots of ropes to hang on to for balance.
  • Play Area
    General shot of the play area.
  • Silly Lily
    Lily's fun Laser Tag photo.
  • Laser Tag Lily
    Go team blue!
  • Causing
    One of the video games where they got to sit back and feel like they were driving or flying.
  • Bumper Cars
    Lily driving the bumper cars.
  • Laser Tag Lily
    Who's ready to have some fun?!

We’ve driven by the Big Thrill Factory many times, but never actually visited. That was until yesterday. Lily and I had a daddy daughter day and decided to check it out. Turns out, it’s a lot of fun! We got to play laser tag, explore the rope course, and play in the indoor play area. […]


It’s time to re-organize the blog.

Starting today, I’m re-organizing everything. Over the years, it has become a mess of tags and categories and it’s about time to clean them out. I’m going to delete a bunch of categories and convert some to tags. Then I’ll delete a bunch of tags. I just feel it’s unorganized right now. Good intentions, but […]


Camping on the Farm

Friday night we went down to my parents farm, camped out, and spent Saturday enjoying the farm. From roasting marshmallows to riding the four wheeler, and bailing cornstalk bails, there’s always something fun to do on the farm. It all started with a camp fire. My brother and dad build us a nice fire so […]


Increasing my handyman skills one project at a time.

I’ll admit it, I’m not the most handy person. I like to think I am, but quite a few things are over my head, or I just haven’t tried them yet. However, I’ve been able to add a few new things to my handyman list. When we moved into our new house, the first thing we […]


Welcome Back Amazon Affiliate Money

I was pretty bummed out when Amazon closed all the Minnesota affiliate accounts last year. I didn’t make a lot of Amazon, but $10 here, $10 there adds up and gave me a bit of spending money. Starting today, I’m back in the game! On October 1st, Amazon started collecting Minnesota sales tax. Since this […]


Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

5 years ago we welcomed Lily into our life. Now, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, she’s turning 5. Everyone says that time flies, but until you have a little one, you don’t realize how fast. We’re about to start kindergarten in a few weeks and it seems like just the other […]