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Finally. A site re-design.

I’ve been meaning to re-design my site for some time now but it just hasn’t happened. However, that ends today. I’ve re-launched with a whole new theme thanks to Alexander Agnarson. What? You installed a theme?! I thought you were a WordPress developer! It’s true, this is the first time I’ve ever gone with a […]


I’m always productive when I should be sleeping.

It amazes me how long I can sit at my computer and get nothing done. However, as soon as the clock hits 10pm, I start getting productive. Just tonight I replaced all the social sharing buttons on my site, fixed the missing author bio on photo pages, fixed the missing ‘Filed Under’ label, added a […]


A piece of the Google puzzle?

As I’ve been watching my analytics, waiting for them to go back up, I noticed another big dip this weekend. Down to the lowest numbers I’ve seen ever for my site. 🙁 Now, I’ve only done two things recently: Updated my iTunes affiliate links to remove the link network links and add direct links to […]


I got dumped by Google. Now what?

I can still remember when Google and I were BFFs. I spent my time creating content and feeding Google. In return, Google sent me traffic. We were both happy and things were good. Then, without notice, Google dumped me. Now I didn’t cheat on Google and I wasn’t doing spammy things behind their back. I […]


I’m now a parent of a 4 year old!

Happy Birthday to my little girl Lily. You’re growing up too fast, but it’s so much fun. To celebrate, we’ve been having a lot of fun. Over the weekend went to the beach, had a picnic, flew a kite, and even borrowed a bounce house from a friend. Today Lily is going fishing and eating birthday […]


Get rid of creeping charlie with a metal rake.

Do you have creeping charlie in your yard? It sucks. Not only does it take over everything but it also is a big pain in the butt to kill off. We’ve found some weed killers that did some damage, but nothing that has killed it off. However, I did just find a way to rip […]