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A Rundown of Mac eMail Applications

The Mac has no shortage of email applications, however I haven’t yet found one that can tear me away from Gmail’s web interface. What I’d love is an email client that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Mac, doesn’t cost too much, and just works. However, that doesn’t exist currently. For now, here is a roundup of […]


Marxico Brings Markdown to Evernote

I’ve been getting more and more into using markdown to take notes do to the simplicity. However, the biggest issue I have is that I haven’t found a good app that’ll keep all my notes together and synced across multiple platforms. I’ve been using Stackedit for a few months now, but that was until I […]


Hello Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite

  I couldn’t resist the urge to upgrade to Yosemite, so I did. The download took forever, and the install maybe a half hour, but in the end, it was worth it. My initial impressions are that a lot has changed. The new UI will take a little getting use to. It’s amazing how much […]


Android apps for Chromebooks are one hot mess.

I was excited when they said that Chromebooks were going to get real apps, Android apps, and today they released a few. I quickly downloaded Evernote and it turns out it’s very rough around the edges and not ready for users. The first time I tried to download Evernote, it failed. Second try worked. First launch […]


Chromebook Review – I want more!

I was given the opportunity to get a Chromebook as part of my job at work and I graciously accepted. I’m always into trying out new technology and I do like the Google. However, Chromebooks are bit harder to get use to than I thought they’d be. Chromebooks are just Chrome. That’s it. Whereas this […]