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Lightning Show 7/30/11

Last night we had quite a nice lightning show. With such a big show, I thought for sure we’d get big storms, but it turns out that we didn’t get much of anything. I did get a nice video and some nice pictures.

Storm clouds from last night.

The storms last night were quite interesting. We lost power with the first few wind gusts and didn’t get it back for 6 hours or so. The good news is the worst of the storms didn’t hit us but the sky painted a pretty cool picture.

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a weather radio.

I’ve been looking to get a new weather radio and I found a really good, and cheap, one that happens to be an iOS app. NOAA Weather Radio is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you listen to over 160 weather radio stations from all around the country and even a few in Canada. […]

Twin Cities Twitter weather alerts are working again.

Good news for all the people following one of the Twin Cities Twitter weather alerts accounts as they are once again working. They worked great over the winter, then suddenly stopped this spring. Turns out updated the RSS feeds. In doing so, they dropped the old ones without telling us. Unfortunately the weekend gave us […]

My new weather gage is ready for the end of the world.

For my birthday I got a wireless rain gauge weather station and it appears that it’s already ready for the end of the world. First off, it measures up to 99.98 inches of rain in an hour, day, week or month. Something tells me that if we got 99.98 inches of rain in that short of time we’d all […]

And that’s why I don’t trust the weather man.

Last week I overheard a co-worker say that we were going to get a big storm in a week with a foot or more of snow. Then my wife heard it too. Seems it was all over the news. WCCO was reporting 12-15 inches possible, KSTP said 6+ and most other stations were reporting a […]

I like driving on snow covered roads because you can drive anywhere.

The roads are ice and snow-covered and you know what that means? No lines! It’s one of the few times you can swerve into the other lane, then back. Onto the shoulder and back. Over and over again, and no one thinks twice. Since you can’t see the lines, it’s all good! Most of the […]