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Welcome Fall

Break out the jeans and shoes it is fall in Minnesota! Could be summer again tomorrow and winter the day after that. Who knows. Enjoy it!

Are you prepared for a Tornado? Where would you go? What would you do?

As you see and hear the devastating details about the tornado in Oklahoma City, stop and ask yourself “Am I prepared?” What about your family? Your friends? Do you know where you’d go in your home if a tornado came to town? What about when you’re at work? Or during your commute? All to often […]

There’s a blizzard coming?

One nice thing about being a weather geek is you are usually happy when the weather changes. And just today they announced that we were about to go into a blizzard warning! Now that doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately this blizzard is all about wind and not so much snow. We  could get 2-5 inches of snow, […]

Lily is not happy with all the bad weather lately.

The past few weeks have been an active weather ones around here. There’s been a lot of ran, storms and even the tornado sirens went off twice! Luckily we haven’t had damage. With all the storms, the boomers keep Lily up at night and that makes her not happy. Actually the storms have been great for teaching […]