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Blocking Referrer Spam Success!

I’ve been going nuts trying to find a way to stop, or block, referrer spam. And I’m having success! Referrer Karma does the trick. I had issues with it at first because I also had referrer bouncer enabled and they were not working well together. Now I just have referrer karma and the referrer spam […]

Blogs are like email, gotta try them all.

I’ve decided that blogs are becoming like email. Everyone is giving out free accounts and it seems like there is always a new feature at one that another doesn’t have. So I end up having many different blogs where I play for a while and then forget about. I’ve tried Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, some SEO […]

Referrer Spam 2

Unfortunally the referrer spam plugin didn’t work, or I couldn’t get it to work correctly. So I’m now testing out referrer karma. Hopefully that works better. Now comes the hard part. It seems that referrer karma automatically blacklists anyone who referrers people to often and aren’t on my white list. So I need to check […]

Take that referrer spam.

Now I’m not exactly sure how referrer spam works, but I don’t seem to like it. I keep getting hits from sites that aren’t linking to me legitly and are doing nothing but filling my stats with crap. Now I have a chance to defend myself. I just found a referrer bouncer plug-for WordPress and […]

Register to Comment : Updated 2

I didn’t really want to do it, but I had to. You now have to register to post a comment. The good news is that to register, you just have to fill out two form fields. Name & Email. Now I’m not going to do anything with your email address so don’t worry about that. […]

Blog Software as Web Site Software?

So, as I’m thinking of a new site design and layout, I’m toying with the idea of dropping everything into the blog. I mean WordPress now has pages, it has a template system, comments and is very SEO friendly. It seems like a good idea, however I’m not so sure it’s the best idea. I […]

WordPress 1.5 Coming Soon

WordPress 1.5 is now out and I’ve been playing around with it all day on another site. There is a much nicer default theme and some other nice advancements along with a few things that just don’t look right. This blog will be upgrading in the next week or so and I’m not sure what […]

Some Useful Sites

Every day someone comes along with a new site that helps you do something new. Well lately I’ve found a few sites that I like and find useful so I thought I’d share. Technorati – Mainly blog posts, this site has the most up to date information available. Search for something that was on TV […]

New Anti-Spam Feature

It seems that whenever I find an anti-spam technique someone gets around it. I just need to figure out how they are doing it then I can stop it. So first off, I’ve added more spam words to the list. This means that if your comment comes with a spam word it in it won’t […]

Spam. The ongoing battle.

The one downside to WordPress I’ve found so far is the spam issue. Whether it’s in the comments or now in the trackbacks. However, this is a small price to pay for WordPress and there are workarounds. I think I’ve stopped the comment spam by adding the ‘preview’ button to the comments. This involves a […]