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WordPress 3 Login Error Animation – No No No

It’s a small new feature in WordPress 3 but a fun one. On the login screen, if you enter your username or password incorrectly, it shakes the screen at you in a disapproving manor. “No no no, that’s just not right” is what WordPress is telling you. I wonder how many other small, but fun, […]


New URLs & Lots of Patients

For some time I’ve wanted to remove the month, day, year from my URL structure on my blog but I haven’t. Everything I’ve ever learned about SEO is to not change the URLs. However I really wanted to. Then, late last week, my host somehow blocked Google bot from accessing the server I’m on and […]


Hello WordPress 2.7

A quick post to say I just upgraded WordPress to 2.7 and I’m loving the admin side of things.  Overall it seems more responsive which is nice in itself.   The new admin menu layout is a welcome change as well and the color scheme is easy on the eyes.  I’ve only been running it […]


I am not a spammer.

It seems that something or someone found a hole one in one of my WordPress installs and started sending out spam early this morning. My host then shut me down completely and this site was suspended for several hours on Sunday because I was spamming. 🙁 We are back up and running now but not […]


Upgraded to WordPress 2.3 Smoothly

I took the jump to WordPress 2.3 tonight and I don’t seem to see any issues.  Do you see any?  If you do, post them below or email them to me. The upgrade was painless and all my Ultimate Tag Warrior tags imported beautifully.  Thanks to LifeSpy for the run down on how-to get them […]