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Archiving tweets for future reference.

How many times have you shared something on Twitter and then tried to find that tweet again a week or two later? But you couldn’t. Happens to me all the time. I share a lot of things on Twitter that I find handy. Good tutorials, new software, Stack Overflow solutions, news & events, and chances […]


Merge two WordPress blogs into one in three simple steps.

Have you ever wanted to combine two, or more, WordPress blogs into one? Well it’s actually quite simple. Before you start, make sure that WordPress is updated on both blogs. It’s just easiest that way. I’m not sure it makes a difference, but do it anyway. First: Go to the blog you want to move, log […]


Cleaning up the database.

I never fully realized how bad WordPress’ database gets after a while. Plugins leave all sorts of junk behind and it’s just a huge mess. So I started deleting information. Hopefully I didn’t break anything. This all started because my site got suspended yesterday for using to many server resources. I thought that was odd […]


Testing out WordPress custom post formats.

I’ve been waiting for WordPress 3.1 to come out for months now. I was so excited for post formats as I thought that’d make my WordPress blog cool like my Tumblr blog. Turns out, maybe not. The first thing I forgot was that I’d have to update my theme to make them work. Not only […]


Using Posterous To Post Photos To My WordPress Blog

I may have found a use for Posterous! I’m currently testing out using Posterous as a gateway between my phone and my blog. By tying the two together I can take cool photos with my phone, attach them to an email with some text, send that off to Posterous, they’ll format it, post it and then send […]


Geeking out at the first WordCamp MSP

The first ever WordCamp Minneapolis – St. Paul was a full day of nothing but WordPress and it was great. First off, the BestBuy campus was a fantastic location. For those that have never been there, it’s easy to get to, easy to get around, and very cool on the inside. This was the perfect […]