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Yea Drupal! Said no one ever.

It’s no secret that I’m a WordPress fan. I find it easy to use, easy to customize and the developer community is amazing. Now I know there are fans of all content management systems, but in the circles I run in, Drupal is the black sheep of the family. So we make fun of it. It’s all […]

Correct WordPress misspellings, or anything, in your writing automatically!

Did you know that the P in WordPress should always be uppercase? That capital P makes a difference. Same goes for ExpressionEngine (capital second E) and many other technologies or names. An easy way to fix this is to add in an auto correct rule in your OS or text expansion application to change the incorrect spelling the correct […]

How to get separate previous and next page/post links in WordPress.

I’ve been doing a lot of custom WordPress work lately and one thing that stuck me as odd was how confusing it was to get separate previous and next links for pages or posts. Turns out, it’s very simple. There’s actually only one piece of code. To get separate links, leave parts of the code […]

Jetpack is a free and easy way to block spam on your WordPress site.

If you’ve got a WordPress site, then you have spam. It’s auto generated and hits everyone. A free and easy way to block most of that spam is to get the Jetpack plugin and enable comments. Jetpack will then take over your comments. It’s like using a third-party service where the service is WordPress. When […]

Simple Ways To Give Older Blog Posts Additional Exposure

As blogs grow and new content gets created, previous blog posts can drop out of sight. What you posted last month, or even last week, can quickly get buried in the archives. And who wants to dig up old stuff? If you’d like to bring some exposure back to those posts, here are six ways […]

Is it: Internet FTW or WTF?

Every day there are three things I have to check out. First, what’s up on Twitter. So many tidbits of information, links and pictures. Then I head over to Facebook to see how those kids are doing. And no day is complete without posting something to one of my many WordPress blogs. Since Facebook, Twitter […]

How to add a mega menu to WordPress

This code worked at the time, now I’m not so sure. Use at your own risk. Have you ever wanted to add a mega menu to WordPress? There are plugins that claim to do it, but why use a plugin when you can add just a bit of code. Here is one, pretty simple, solution […]

Archiving tweets for future reference.

How many times have you shared something on Twitter and then tried to find that tweet again a week or two later? But you couldn’t. Happens to me all the time. I share a lot of things on Twitter that I find handy. Good tutorials, new software, Stack Overflow solutions, news & events, and chances […]

How to update pagination and mass remove WordPress comments

If you’ve ever gotten a ton of spam comments that went live and are mixed into your site’s good comments, cleaning them up can take time with the default WordPress settings. Here are a few tricks to make that go much faster. To mass remove comments in WordPress, you just select the check box in […]