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Saving Money and Manning My Own Server. It’s Easier Than You Think.

I now manage a web server and I still don’t have a clue what’s going on. Who wants cheap hosting? Most everyone does. That’s why we look at Dreamhost, Bluehost, or one of the thousands others that offer dirt cheap plans. The problem with these types of setups is that you’re on a shared server. […]

WordPress: Plugin All The Things

Even though there are thousands of WordPress plugins to do everything, it’s not a good idea to use them all. To many plugins will slow down your site. Plus the more plugins you have the more chance for conflicts you’ll have.

Relevanssi – A Better WordPress Search

Lets be honest, the WordPress search is not that good. It’s based on keywords and displayed in reverse chronological order. It works, but it’s not very helpful. That’s where Relevanssi comes in. Relevanssi replaces WordPress’ search and returns results based on relevancy. Relevanssi also allows users to search with multiple words and it only returns posts […]

Creating My Own Post Formats

I fell in love with post formats when WordPress 3.6 beta came out. I liked how I could showcase different content in interesting ways. Since that kind of fell through, I started to see the issues that post formats create. Like how they add additional fields that themes don’t know about. Even the posts I created in […]

Now With More Mobile Friendliness

Check me out on a phone because I look good. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for WordPress 3.6. When it arrived I was going to switch to a modified version of TwentyThirteen and have all the responsive goodness. But, it seems like WordPress 3.6 is taking longer than expected, so I just tweaked some CSS […]

Cats. Bacon. Zombies! – CBZ Auto Create Posts WordPress Plugin

It’s been 6 years since I released a WordPress plugin so it’s about time. My new one even includes cats, bacon and zombies! Introducing the CBZ Auto Create Posts WordPress Plugin. As a WordPress developer, I often setup new sites and have to create dummy posts so that I have something to develop and test with. […]

Secure Your WordPress Site with 3 Simple Changes

If a site asks you to login, then someone will try to hack it. WordPress is no exception. The good news is it’s really simple to make your site even more secure. 1. Strong Passwords This should be a no brainer, but people continue to use simple passwords. I’ve seen major companies using horribly easy to guess […]

Give WordPress Contributors the ability to upload media.

WordPress’ default roles are nice, but they are a bit limited. For example, if you’re listed as a Contributor you can write posts, but you can’t add media. To add media, you need to be an author. At the author level, however, the user gets the ability to publish posts. That’s not good when someone […]

Why you should drop the mobile plugin from your WordPress site.

Every day someone is asking me about responsive WordPress themes. There is a huge push towards mobile friendly everything which is good if done right. If you’re just starting to re-design your site, then I defiantly think that you should keep mobile in mind from the very beginning. That can be by picking a theme that is […]