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I am not a spammer.

It seems that something or someone found a hole one in one of my WordPress installs and started sending out spam early this morning. My host then shut me down completely and this site was suspended for several hours on Sunday because I was spamming. 🙁 We are back up and running now but not […]


Upgraded to WordPress 2.3 Smoothly

I took the jump to WordPress 2.3 tonight and I don’t seem to see any issues.  Do you see any?  If you do, post them below or email them to me. The upgrade was painless and all my Ultimate Tag Warrior tags imported beautifully.  Thanks to LifeSpy for the run down on how-to get them […]


Made on a Mac WordPress Plugin

This is quite possibly the greatest plugin ever!* You can now get the Made on a Mac WordPress plugin that will automatically insert a button to your blog that states your blog was made on a Mac. How cool is that?! The initial release is extremely basic. Just install it and enable it. That’s all. […]


Backup Your Blog Today

If you didn’t know, today is Blog Backup Day. The 13th of every month is the one day that you should take a few minutes and backup your blog posts in case something bad happens. What if the database server decides to crash tomorrow? Then what?! I started Blog Backup Day in hopes to encourage […]


Lost My Marbles – Upgraded to WordPress 2.2

I’ve been wanting to upgrade Blog on a Stick to WordPress 2.2 for so long. But there have always been so many un-answered questions. Ok, one one main one; “Will Ultimate Tag Warrior convert over properly?” Without a defiant answer, I wouldn’t upgrade. Until tonight. I’m not sure why, but I was in a crazy […]


SEO with PHP Book Includes Me

I read the SEO Egghead site and caught a post about a new book they were publishing titled Search Engine Optimization with PHP. Very interested in both topics, I got a copy of the book. While paging though it, I was shocked to see a page all about the Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin!! How exciting […]