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Chicklet & Social Creator Work in WordPress 2.1

I have a test blog that I basically do anything with so I decided to take the chances and upgrade to WordPress 2.1 on it tonight. I didn’t perform a backup, I didn’t even disable any plugins, I just upgraded and in about two minutes I was done. Everything works great and looks good. My […]

Beautiful WordPress Admin

When WordPress 2.0 launched, I thought the admin area looked quite nice. However, the Tiger Administration plugin takes WordPress’ admin look and feel to a whole new level. See for yourself: // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. Comment if you want me to dig them back up. // This makeover is curtsy of the […]

Social Bookmark Creator WordPress Plugin 0.5

— discontinued — The Social Bookmark Creator plugin got a major update, much like the Chicklet Creator did a few weeks ago. The WordPress plugin now includes an admin page for managing your social bookmark options and database integration to remember your choices. Social Bookmark Creator plugin works with almost 50 different social bookmarking services […]

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0.4

In one of the fastest upgrades ever, I’ve got Blog on a Stick up to WordPress 2.0.4. Thanks to YummyFTP, the fastest FTP client I’ve ever seen, it tool like a minute. Sweeeet.

Chicklet Creator Plugin 0.5 Released!

— discontinued — The Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin just got better and much easier to use. Version 0.5 Includes: A configuration pane in Worpress’ admin area. New Feed Buttons. Lots of new code. All local images for fast load times. More like a real WordPress plugin. Check out the Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin v0.5 and […]

Flock Blogging Rocks

I just found a sweet Feature of Flock. If you are posting to your blog via your blog’s admin or Flocks blog software, you can use Flocks built in Flickr browser, find a picture you want, and drag it to your post. Flock will write all the code for you without ever having to go […]

Chicklet Creator Plugin Testers Wanted

— discontinued — Great news, after a long coding spree last night, I came up with a major overhaul of the Chicklet Creator WordPress plug. Now, I need some more testers. 🙂 The new plugin version includes: Updated PHP code for our template so it won’t throw errors when you disable the plugin. Actually this […]

Updated Chicklet & Social Blog Tools

— discontinued — Announcing updates to the Chicklet Creator and the Social Bookmark Creator. The updated blog tools include a new layout, more buttons and a few added features. One of the big additions is the drop down menus. You can now create a CSS drop down menu to hold all your feed buttons, or […]

New Ajax WordPress Plugins Installed

I’ve installed two new plugins that are Ajax based. Ajax Comments Great plugin that takes the refresh out of adding a comment to the site. It simply accepts the comment and adds it to the list without ever changing screens. Ajax LiveSearch This replaces my default search box with a live search box. Start typing […]

Blocking Images

It seems that not a whole lot of people listened to my warning the other day so I’ve started blocking sites. I don’t like to do it, but I need to get my bandwidth and server load under control. Your site is blocked if: If I contacted you and you didn’t respond or update your […]