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Chicklet Creator Important Announcement

— discontinued — The feed buttons you have on your blog are causing my server to have performance issues. I had asked people to update their buttons a while ago and it hasn’t helped enough. Now an ever increasing image is going to force people to update. Every few days the image will grow larger […]

New WordPress Plugin Instructions

Last night I decided that my WordPress plugins needed a bit more detailed install and configure instructions.  Sure, I know how to do it but that doesn’t mean anyone else gets it. 🙂 Check out the Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin instructions and the Social Bookmark WordPress Plugin instructions.  Let me know if something doesn’t make […]

Social Bookmarks Tool Goes Static

If you wanted to use the Social Bookmark Tool but didn’t have a blog, now you can. I added the functionality to add a static URL and create social bookmark links. Granted, this static code will only work with one URL and title, it’s not dynamic like the blog code that will create links based […]

What is a Feed? RSS? Subscribe?

What is a feed? A feed is a web document that usually ends in .xml or .rss and it is a slimed down version of a website that is created to be easily syndicated. It may be represented by an orange icon.  What does it cost? $0 – It’s free. What is a feed reader? […]

Technorati and Portal Chicklets

I’ve updated the Chicklet Creator with new buttons today. Now included are Technorati (add to favorites), Protopage, Pageflakes and Netvibes. I may have another new button in the works, but feel free to share any services that I’m missing. I’ve also updated the Yahoo, Rojo, Newsgator and Pluck images to come directly from those services, […]

Tagging 101 : From Folders to Tags

You know what a folder is but what is a tag? For those that are just jumping into the blog world, or the Web 2.0 world for that matter, there is a new idea out there called tagging. Much like folders or categories, it’s a way of keeping things organized. Lets start out simple with […]

WordPress Feed Stats

There is an amazing feature available for hosted blogs called Feed Stats. It tells you how many people have viewed your feed and what feed readers were used. The bad part? It’s only for blogs. See a great review of Feed Stats. I’m hoping that the feed stats feature makes it into all […]

Added Fuctionality to the Chicklet Creator

I just update the Chicklet Creator to add the ability to define what code appears before all buttons, before each button, after each and after all. This will help format the code to fit your needs right way and you don’t have to worry about it later. You can easily create your feed buttons in […]

TwisterMc Themes, Plugins, Extensions and Requirements

I’ve been adding quite a bit of software to my site in the past weeks. There is now two WordPress plugins, two Firefox themes and a Firefox extension. However, one complaint I see is that it doesn’t work for version x. My Firefox addons were built to work in today’s official build. Not the 1.0.x […]

Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin

Now available for download is the Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin. It’s very similar to the social bookmark links plugin I released a few days ago. Included in the plugin are the button images and the plugin file. Install & Configure Instructions [new location] 1) Download the plugin. Version 0.12) Open chicklet-creator.php and configure it. Turn […]