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Me & WordPress vs Google Page Speed & YSlow

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It seems that I can’t stop tweaking my WordPress install & settings.

I’ve done some major re-working of things on the back-end and I’m hoping I didn’t break anything. If I did, please tell me!

The bulk of my changes are to help with my site speed addiction. Ever since Google announced tools to help webmasters find ways of speeding up their sites, I’ve been hooked. I check the graph in Google Webmaster Central all the time in hopes of seeing sharp declines.

Google's Site Performance Analysis

Google's Site Performance Analysis

So far, my homepage seems to be extremely slow, where as the main blog page is not to bad. Not sure how that is possible as the homepage has less on it than the blog page.

I’m beginning to think that either Google’s lying to me about my site speed, or it takes weeks for Google to update their reports. All this work couldn’t have got me nothing.

As for YSlow, I’m pretty sure that’s just not working right. YSlow will give me an F(0) for GZip and Google Page Speed will give me an D(62). A D(62) isn’t great, but it’s way better than that F(0).

Either way, my site should be faster than it was and it’ll only get better. However, chances are I’ll break something a long the way. When I do, please let me know so I can fix it. 🙂

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