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Why is web hosting so complicated?

When it comes to hosting a website, you have so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Different prices, different features, lots of headaches. Do you get more by paying more? Why are lots of hosting sites so spammy and/or confusing? Shouldn’t this be easier by now? Chances are, you probably fall into one of two different mindsets. […]

Is social media killing our ability to blog?

A few years back, blogging was cool and everyone was doing it. We were taking the time to write down our thoughts and share it with others. However, now we have Twitter and Facebook and it seems like fewer and fewer people blog. Why is that? Is it because of time? It does take more […]

Fixed: JetPack and Varnish 502/503 Error on Nginx

tl;tr: Disable Varnish, connect JetPack, re-enable Varnish. I’m not a server guy, but I do run my own server and it’s not bad most of the time. But lately I’ve been having errors with JetPack where it fails to connect with properly. On activation, it hits just fine but on its way back, […]

WP Sync DB makes moving or deploying WordPress sites simple.

Moving a WordPress site isn’t hard for some, but the less technically minded you are, the harder it is. To make it easy, check out WP Sync DB. This free plugin allows you copy site A’s WordPress database to site B. It does all the hard work and you just need to fill out a […]

WordCamp Minneapolis at Night – Wallpaper

I was playing around with the Minneapolis WordCamp 2014 artwork and came up with what I feel is a starry Minnesota night. Full Size Download – 3264 x 2448 – 628k Granted, this version isn’t as crisp as it could be since it originated from a photo I took of my shirt, but I like it. I […]

Have JetPack? Changing Domains? Make sure to reconnect your account.

I came across a fun little issue with JetPack. If you install JetPack on one domain (such as a development site) and them move the database and files to another domain (production), plus change the domain via MySQL, JetPack continues to work off the original domain. Your users will get comment notifications from the original domain and JetPack […]

UpdraftPlus Makes WordPress Backups Simple

When was the last time you backed up your WordPress site? If you’re lucky, your host backups your WordPress site for you. If they don’t, then who does? What’s going to happen when something goes wrong? What’s your backup plan?! I’ve been searching for a good, free, solution and have come across UpdraftPlus. It’s a […]