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Clone the WordPress Administrator Role

If you’re looking to create new roles in WordPress, and you’re open to using a plugin, I recommend User Role Editor. It works very well. However, sometimes you don’t need a plugin. If you want to clone the Administrator role and all the capabilities you don’t need a plugin for that. Here’s the code to […]


Researching WordPress visual page builders.

I’m currently looking into WordPress page builder plugins. I love doing things custom, but some clients have small budgets that don’t work with custom and I’m not a fan of purchasing themes just to end up feeling like we didn’t get our money’s worth. I’d rather get a powerful page builder and build sites from […]


Testing the WordPress Mac App

I have to say that the WordPress Mac app is pretty nice, but it’s also the same as going to and logging in. Seems like it’s mainly a fancy stand alone browser. It’s got a nice clean interface, works quickly, and does a great job at reducing clutter. The only big issue I see at […]


Taking WordPress Security Up a Notch with Auto Update

WordPress is a great platform for creating simple blog all the way up to complex sites. However, security is something that is a concern for a lot of people and you hear about security issues quite often. At it’s core, WordPress is secure. Security issues come from 3rd party plugins, themes, and week passwords. The […]


Why is web hosting so complicated?

When it comes to hosting a website, you have so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Different prices, different features, lots of headaches. Do you get more by paying more? Why are lots of hosting sites so spammy and/or confusing? Shouldn’t this be easier by now? Chances are, you probably fall into one of two different mindsets. […]


Is social media killing our ability to blog?

A few years back, blogging was cool and everyone was doing it. We were taking the time to write down our thoughts and share it with others. However, now we have Twitter and Facebook and it seems like fewer and fewer people blog. Why is that? Is it because of time? It does take more […]