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WordPress Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers

There’s something about ugly Christmas sweaters that are pretty cool. I think these wallpapers look warm and fuzzy. Perfect for the WordPress fan in your life. Even better, keep them on all winter long to keep your machine nice and happy throughout the winter. If you’re looking for something for your phone, head over here. […]

Gutenberg Testing – Legacy content works well in classic blocks.

I’ve been testing out Gutenberg on a test site and have been very impressed. Sure, it’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting better. One of the tests I completed was seeing what an old post would do when edited in Gutenberg. I picked a post from 2006, clicked Edit, and it worked great. Gutenberg put […]

It’s time to get ready for Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is coming to a WordPress site near you soon. How soon? The goal is to ship in April 2018! That means you need to start getting ready now. Guten-What? First off if you don’t know that Gutenberg is, check it out. It’ll be the new text editor for WordPress replacing the current visual editor. […]

TW Search Overlay for WordPress

I’ve started another WordPress plugin called TW Search that adds a simple search overlay to a site. It’s nothing too complex, but it works. The plugin is simple to use. There are just a few settings in the customizer and it should work. You get to choose which menu to add the search link too or […]

TwisterMc’s Beaver Builder Modules

As noted a few weeks ago, I’m starting to create my own Beaver Builder modules. Since then I’ve gotten the Slick module into a good spot. My Sick module supports: Single Image Carousels Multiple Image Carousels Horizontal Carousels Vertical Carousels Touch Controls Responsive Arrow and Dot Styles Multiple Carousels Per Page Photo Captions Infinite Loop Fade Transition Most […]

Use Autoptimize to speed up your WordPress site.

There’s a lot of things that WordPress can do, but there’s also a lot that it doesn’t do out of the box. The more scripts and styles you add, the slower your site gets. Just a little each time, but it does add up. That’s where Autoptimize comes in. Autoptimize combines all those JS and CSS files […]

Bringing Slick to Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a great WordPres page builder, but the default carousels aren’t that amazing. That’s why I decided to build out a Slick slider module. Currently, the Slick module is in the very early stages. I really need a project where I can use it and really dedicate time to developing it. Until then, […]