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Gutenberg Testing – Legacy content works well in classic blocks.

I’ve been testing out Gutenberg on a test site and have been very impressed. Sure, it’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting better. One of the tests I completed was seeing what an old post would do when edited in Gutenberg. I picked a post from 2006, clicked Edit, and it worked great. Gutenberg put […]

It’s time to get ready for Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is coming to a WordPress site near you soon. How soon? The goal is to ship in April 2018! That means you need to start getting ready now. Guten-What? First off if you don’t know that Gutenberg is, check it out. It’ll be the new text editor for WordPress replacing the current visual editor. […]

TW Search Overlay for WordPress

I’ve started another WordPress plugin called TW Search that adds a simple search overlay to a site. It’s nothing too complex, but it works. The plugin is simple to use. There are just a few settings in the customizer and it should work. You get to choose which menu to add the search link too or […]

TwisterMc’s Beaver Builder Modules

As noted a few weeks ago, I’m starting to create my own Beaver Builder modules. Since then I’ve gotten the Slick module into a good spot. My Sick module supports: Single Image Carousels Multiple Image Carousels Horizontal Carousels Vertical Carousels Touch Controls Responsive Arrow and Dot Styles Multiple Carousels Per Page Photo Captions Infinite Loop Fade Transition Most […]

Use Autoptimize to speed up your WordPress site.

There’s a lot of things that WordPress can do, but there’s also a lot that it doesn’t do out of the box. The more scripts and styles you add, the slower your site gets. Just a little each time, but it does add up. That’s where Autoptimize comes in. Autoptimize combines all those JS and CSS files […]

Bringing Slick to Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a great WordPres page builder, but the default carousels aren’t that amazing. That’s why I decided to build out a Slick slider module. Currently, the Slick module is in the very early stages. I really need a project where I can use it and really dedicate time to developing it. Until then, […]

Beaver Builder – Add search to mobile.

I’m a fan of Beaver Builder, but no search on mobile? What’s up with that?! We can easily add it back, though. You just have to add a function to your functions.php file and you’ll get a search box under the header. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently […]