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iRows : Web Based Spreadsheets

I searched for a web based Microsoft Excel today and I found iRows. All the basics, none of the bloat or cost!! Today was a snow day and I was told not to come into work but rather work from home. Great idea except I treat my home computer differently than my work computer. For […]

Writely Purchased by Google!

One of my favorite Web 2.0 applications is Writely – online word processing. I just find it so useful, simple and wonderful! Completely imports almost any text file with formatting and export them as well. So handy. However, today I found out it got bought by Google!! What does that mean? Well I’m not sure […]

Google Calendar works with iCal

No, it’s not official, but there are strong rumors that Google Calendar (code name CL2) will work with iCal as they use the same file format. CL2 is closely, very closely, integrated with Gmail. It includes now-standard web 2.0 features – Ajax, suscription feeds for integration with iCal and other desktop calendars, event creation, search, […]

Google Adult Pages?

I logged into my GooglePages account this morning to see if there were any stats. None that I could find. But I did find the option to mark my Google site as an adult site. I find it interesting that Google allows people to create adult content with their GooglePages tool. I don’t quite understand […]

Free Google Web Site

Google has now started offering free web sites. That’s right, with the Google Page Creator they have a WYSIWYG HTML editor, pre-defined designs and one nice, easy to use system. I played with it for five minutes or so this morning and you can see my page: TwisterMc’s Googlie Home Page. I even looked at […]

SES 2005 – Review & Photos

Just a week ago I was off to my first Search Engine Strategies Conference and as I look back, it was a great time. There was so much information floating around that it was hard not to miss some pieces here and there. From the new definition of RSS – Really Simple Stealing – go […]