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Google Reader Advances

I can’t say I was ever a big fan of Google Reader, it was just a little to weird for me. However, the new Google Reader seems to be more advanced and much nicer. I’m actually quite digging the simple interface, nice layout and the stared or shared items.The only thing missing is browser integration. […]

Google Calendar and iCal Do Jive

Humm… much like most of my problems, once I complain about them, they get solved. So here is what I learned about Google Calendar. My public WebDEV calendar just needed time to refresh. A good hour or two and Google loaded it no problem. My FTP calendars loaded just fine once I removed the robots.txt […]

Google Calendar and iCal Don’t Mix

I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but I can’t seem to get Google Calendar to work well with Apple’s iCal. I have FTPed my calendars up to a folder on my website, pointed Google Calendar to those ics files and yet, nothing shows. I’ve even published my iCal calendars on a public […]

Jeeves Back at Ask!

I’ve stumbled across exclusive pictures of Jeeves the butler back at Ask! Is his retirement over? // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. // I guess the man has been interviewing around as I also spotted him at Yahoo! // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. // Checking out Google, I found that they interviewed […]

Lycos Mail Mini-Review

Well Lycos is the newest contender in the competition to win over your email business. So, jumping on the bandwagon, I gave Lycos Mail ago. Overall, it’s nice, but lacking. The interface looks really nice. It has a good color scheme and an up-to-date graphics. However, the graphical ads kill it. It tarnishes the nice […]

Yahoo Answers Rocks!

I wasn’t to interested when I read about Yahoo Answers launching, but after trying it, I’m very impressed. Not only is Yahoo Answers easy to use, it also gives very good answers and the turn around is anywhere from a few minutes to a day. I’ve asked two questions, one on cats and one on […]

Google Desktop Sidebar Mac

Google Desktop has a fun sidebar feature that can be used to show off Google widgets. However, this is only available on Windows. Erica Joy (I think she works for Google) figured out a simple work-around. Well kind of. Since Firefox can load any web page in the sidebar, she said that you just have […]

Google Analytics Goals Confuse Me

I’ve been playing around with Google Analytics’ goals recently and I don’t quite get how they work. They sound easy enough, but yet, they are very confusing. For example, when you add your goal, it says e.g. But on the ‘My site’s pages are dynamically generated. How do I set up funnels and goals?’ […]

ZoHo – Online Office Applications

There has been lots of talk online about Writely, iRows and Google Spreadsheet lately that I though I’d take a moment and talk about the Zoho offerings. ZoHo is a company that makes an online word processor , spreadsheet application, polls, to-do lists, chat and more. Most applications are free and are all very good; […]

Google Browser Sync – Firefox to Flock

Seeing that Flock has now entered public beta, and I think it kind of rocks, I wanted to try and sync Firefox and Flock so I could go back and forth. Well it kind of worked. First I had to edit he Google Browser Sync extension so it would install in Flock. No problems there. […]