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5 Minutes with Google Spreadsheet

Hey Hey Hey!  It’s Google Spreadsheet~ Here is my five minute review.  I got my invite so I just had to take a few minutes to play with it. Works on a Mac in Firefox and seems quite nice.  No Safari support.  Scrolls better than iRows and has a very simple and clean design. I […]

Google Spreadsheets are Coming

Google has announced Google Spreadsheets! It’s currently limited beta but I have high hopes for it. Google has Writely, an online word processing application and now a spreadsheet application. This is one step closer to Google Office. 😉 I have yet to get my Google Spreadsheet invite, but I’ve got on the list. For more […]

AllTheWeb does LiveSearch

AllTheWeb, a Yahoo search engine, is now testing live search. Take a little of Google Suggest, some Ajax and of course good search results, mix them together and get LiveSearch. It gives you suggestions and results as you type. Pretty cool and fun to play with. On the down side, no Safari or Opera support […]

What’s wrong with Blog Search?!

There are some great blog search engines out there today like Technorati, Google Blog Search and Sphere. However, they all have the same flaw; they don’t block spam blogs. Not one of the three blog search engines listed above do a very good job, if any job at all, of blocking blog spam. Do a […]

iPox v0.6 Released

It took a while, but I’ve finally gotten around to updating iPox! * New in v0.6 * Some Fission extension support. – Actually I coded it in and then I messed with it and I think it still works ok. Tab bar & bookmark bar backgrounds should now repeat vertically for those with more than […]

Google Idol Lip-Syncing Contest

American Idol is down to four and we are all at the edge of our seats waiting to see who wins. But, then you think to yourself, I can do that, except the singing part. Well grab your web cam and get your favorite song as you could be the next Google Idol! Google Idol […]

Cool Web Portals

I’ve recently began researching web portals. I haven’t been a big fan of them in the past, but I’ve started to get back into them a little more. It’s just nice haveing a one stop site to get the latest news via RSS, email, the weather and photos. So I decided to see what was […]

PubCon Day Two – Blogs, Links, MSN Driving

Yes this post is a little late, get over it. The second day of PubCon went very well.  It started off with Matt Cutts (Google), Robert Scoble (MSN) and Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo) talking about their blogs.  How they love the feedback and the human effect it adds to their companies.  They even talked about the […]

PubCon Day One : Malcom, Local, YPN

Day one started out with Malcom Gladwell’s keynote. I’ll admit I’ve never heard of the guy. However, he was extremely interesting. His talk was on ‘the tipping point’. Basically everything throughout history has had a tipping point. Anything can seem like a huge task, however, once it reaches the tipping point, it can happen with […]

Google Calendar Is Available

Google Calendar is out and I’ve only played with a it a few minutes but it looks cool! I was going to complain about a few missing pieces like syncing and sharing with a specific group of people, but those features do seem to be there. It’ll take some digging to find all the features, […]