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The Story of the Scarecrow in iPlaid.

Have you heard the story of the Scarecrow in iPlaid? S. Crow was feeling sad. His tired outfit – old and drab šŸ™ S.V. friends had the answer! They used their iPads. Now S. Crow is handsome in a shirt of iPlaid! This is one of the many scarecrows decorating Waconia, MN. It’s located at […]

Picking our own pumpkins at Dimler’s Pumpkins in Waconia

For the past few years our family has gone out to Dimler’s pumpkins just outside of Waconia and picked our own pumpkins. It’s great because we get to walk through the pumpkin patch and pick out whatever pumpkins we want. Even better, they are only 3 for $12Ā $5 each and we usually pick the biggest […]

Happy Halloween

We’re all having more fun for Halloween this year as Lily is 2. She has a betterĀ understatingĀ of what’s going on and has been practicing her Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat. This year she’ll be going as a pink cat. It’s a warmer costume which is nice but also has quite the big belly. Trying […]