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Halloween Arts & Crafts

Lily loves her arts and crafts. From crayons to paints she loves to put purple and pink on pretty much everything. Because of this we’ve started doing more with her and now are creating something new all the time. For Halloween we created spiders and pumpkins out of paper plates, painted mini pumpkins, colored ghosts, […]

Surviving Halloween and the sugar overload.

Last night was Lily’s first Halloween where she dressed up and went trick or treating; her second overall. The first place we went was the grocery store. Each department hands out some sort of goodie and we got string cheese, an apple, banana, teddy grams, pop and even a VHS video. No candy though at […]

Happy Halloween From Our Little Monkey To Yours

I hope everyone has a good Halloween this year! We carved six pumpkins and I colored one at work. This will be Lily’s second Halloween and her first really dressing up. We are going to hit a few houses and get Dad some candy before coming home and handing out our own.

Happy Happy Halloween Green Wallpaper

Are you looking for a cool Halloween wallpaper? Maybe one that is green and says Happy Halloween all over it? If so, then I’ve created the one for you! You can download it here and enjoy it as much as you’d like.

17 Unique and Fun Baby Halloween Costumes

What halloween costume are you getting for your little one this year? We’re going to be a little monkey and we’re going to be darn cute too. If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume for your baby yet, check out some of these unique and fun ideas! A pea pod for your little sweet […]

Why Do Themeparks Like Halloween So Much?

Valleyfair is currntly running ValleyScare where they turn the park in to a giant haunted house basically. During the day it’s fun and kid frienly, at night, it’s for adults and aimed to scare you to death. What I don’t get is why? Why do themeparks love to do this? Parks all around the country […]

My first LOL cat. Happy Halloween

If you’ve never seen I Can Haz Cheezburger, then you’re missing out.  The site sticks captions on pictures of cats and it’s extremely entertaining. Since we have two cats, I decided to make my own Halloween LOL cat for all to enjoy! There are two versions because I didn’t know which picture was better.  I […]

Add Jack Skellington to Your iPhone

With Halloween coming up, a Nightmare Before Christmas wallpaper for an iPhone or iPod Touch is a must have!  Here is the first one I’ve come up with featuring Jack Skellington himself! It’s already at the correct iPhone size and the placement of the graphics is optimized for for the iPhone as I left space […]