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Turning into a nice standalone app with inline images.

Twitter’s website has a lot of nice features but it’s not really a Twitter app that most people think of. However, with some CSS and JavaScript you can take all the features of, add in some additional ones, and make a pretty nice app. The first thing I did was create a Fluid app […]

Using an old PowerBook 667 for distraction free writing.

I’ve decided that my iMac is just to distracting for writing. I’ve got Twitter, Facebook and email notifications just to name a few. And then there is my desk. It’s nice but it’s quite a mess usually. Plus I can see the TV and it’s just all a little distracting. So I’ve decided to pull […]

Seven Reasons why iTunes Match is worth the $25.

I’ve been using iTunes Mach for about a week now and it is well worth the $25 dollars. Here’s why. iCloud Storage All your music gets added to iCloud. Unlike other services, you don’t have to upload it all. iTunes only uploads what it can’t find a match for on their servers. This significantly cut […]

Missing the magic in the Magic Trackpad

I’m all for the latest Apple gadget and I’ve been eyeing up the Magic Trackpad for some time now. I finally got one earlier this year and have been testing it out for a while now. Sadly, I’m not overjoyed with it; yet. The first day was the worse. The cursor was extremely jumpy and the […]

From Chrome to Safari to Firefox and back again.

It seems that I can’t find a browser that is perfect. I try them all, I love parts of them all, and there are always things I don’t like. With Chrome, its startup speed is annoying me. It takes a while to do something on startup and I’m not sure what that is. I think […]

Get more out of Twitter for Mac by using mouse gestures.

If you’re running Twitter or Mac and you have Apple’s Magic Mouse, or trackpad, you can move around Twitter for Mac just by swiping with two fingers. Best of all, there is no additional software or configuration needed. What can you do? If you hover over a tweet that is a part of a conversation, […]

Shakeup With Mac Desktop Twitter Apps

Seems that there has been a lot of news this week regarding Mac Twitter apps; and it’s all good. Old favorites are coming back while others have been acquired. Tweetie 2 Tweetie 2 is released! Ok, so it should be released today when the new Mac App Store launches. TechCrunch as confirmed it so now we just have to wait […]

What are you asking Mac Santa for this year?

What kind of cool Mac gifts are on your Christmas wish list this year? I’m hoping to get iLife 11 as it’ll be a nice upgrade from my iLife 08. I’d like iWork 11 as well, but that’s not out just yet. I’m also hoping Santa brings me an Apple iPad case. I love my […]

16 Mac Apps That I Can’t Live Without

The other day I bit the bullet and erased my iMac. I wanted to combine my partitioned drive into one and I wanted to clean out the crud. Now my iMac is neat and clean again. I’m being very cautious of what apps I put back on as I don’t want to add a bunch […]