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Introducing MidnightFoxy – Dark & Stylish Theme

MidnightFox has always been a great theme. It’s dark, yet usable and, as stated by others, one of the best dark themes out there. However, I wanted more. While fixing a few toolbar issue with MidnightFox, I started updating other pieces. I reworked the tabs, the bookmarks, some menus and the the navigation buttons. Taking […]


MidnightFox Theme Gets All New Buttons??

Tom, a fan of MidnightFox, emailed me the other day about issues surrounding the ugly status bar and other toolsbars in MidnightFox. I don’t see the issues, but some Windows users do. So we worked together to iron out the problems. Along the way, I started tweaking things I no longer liked about the theme. […]


Month of the Firefox Themes

Well it’s March and I’ve got some great news, this is the Month of Firefox themes from TwisterMc, aka me! 🙂 Not only do I have an all new theme to offer but just about everyone will get some sort of an update. Some long overdue, some just minor things. I’ve been working on a […]


Tinseltown, iPox & MidnightFox Updates

I don’t usually post about multiple theme updates at once, but everyone got a little update today. As noted earlier, all themes should now be Linux compatible. MidnightFox also got the status bar code updated so hopefully that ugly grey one is gone. iPox got the most updates with a new throbber and a few […]


Welcome Linux Fans

t took a few days and lots and lots of test builds but I think all the Linux crashing issues with Tinseltown, iPox and MidnightFox are fixed! Even better yet, the fixes have no ill effects for Mac or Windows users. I’m so happy. A huge thanks goes out to all my help including ehume, […]


MidnightFox .60

I’ve been working out a few bugs in MidnightFox. The new version of the dark Firefox theme includes: Bigger Buttons (back to original size) No Go Button Border URL Bar Darker Search Bar Darker ForcastFox Minor Edits Right click text colors edited slightly. Additional toolbars text to white White main menu text for PC’s Custom […]