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PinkHope Updates

In the first theme update of the month, PinkHope now supports a pink progress bar. Really, I should have caught that in the beginning. 🙂 It also gets a bit of Fission (extension) support. It’s not great, but better. AddBlockPlus issues are hopefully fixed and it adds support for the New Tab Button on Tab […]

Month of the Firefox Themes

Well it’s March and I’ve got some great news, this is the Month of Firefox themes from TwisterMc, aka me! 🙂 Not only do I have an all new theme to offer but just about everyone will get some sort of an update. Some long overdue, some just minor things. I’ve been working on a […]

PinkHope 0.7 – Firefox Theme

PinkHope 0.7 was quietly updated last night and will soon be live at Mozilla’s official addon site. New in this version is some great icons from Ken Saunders. He put a lot of work into them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Not all are complete yet, but for the […]

iPox Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

The other day I got an email from Angel_Wings2000 who nicely asked me to create a breast cancer theme. So last night I created PinkHope. Whenever I think of breast cancer I think of lots of pink and white. So I thought iPox was a good starting point. I took a few hours and I […]