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Submitting Your Theme to Mozilla

Once you’ve gone though and created your own, original, Firefox theme via the iPox Remix tutorials, you’re next step is to submit it to the Mozilla Addon site for the world to enjoy.

Head on over to and register for a free account. Once that’s done, you should see a ‘Developers Tools’ link in the left sidebar. Click on it and the left sidebar will change and you’ll see a link to ‘Submit Add-on’. This is where you upload your theme file (.jar).

Once uploaded, it goes into the Sandbox. This is where all themes live until an editor deems them worthy of being public. Tip, ask your friends to leave comments & reviews about your theme on the Addon’s site as that’ll get it public faster. It could take days, or even longer, for a theme to get out of the Sandbox, but you are free to send all your friends there to get it. A free account is necessary for Sandbox access.

And basically that’s it. Getting your theme onto the Mozilla Addon site isn’t hard and it’s something every theme should do in order to get the best exposure possible.

This is just one installment into the iPox Remix set of tutorials that will help you learn how to create your own Firefox theme. Visit the main iPox Remix page for more details.

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