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Renegade Rollercoaster Rocks

We visited Valleyfair for the first time this weekend in about two years and tested out some of the new rides. Much to our surprise, the new wooden rollercoaster Renegade is awesome!

Renegade EntranceNow, I’m not tying to say that I thought Renegade wasn’t going to be good. It just wasn’t that tall and you didn’t look at it and say ‘wow’. It just didn’t look overly amazing. However, once we started down the first hill, we screamed our way though all the twists and turns and didn’t slow down to the very end. It was one awesome ride! Even my wife, who’s not a big fan of coasters, loved it!

Xtreme SwingWe also got a chance to jump on the Xtreme Swing. Basically, it’s like the swigs at the park, only much faster and much more intense. It was a short ride, but very fun. To make it even more extreme, they don’t give you anything to hold on to!

Even from the ground, it’s just cool to watch. Everything is tightly packed in and even those passing by feel as if the ride is going to take them out.

The two latest additions to Valleyfair are awesome and really bring up the thrill factor of the park. They are definitely worth the checkout!!

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  1. wobbly85 says:

    Next time you use a picture please ask permisson first

  2. Thomas says:

    Would you like me to remove it? It’s not like I’m taking photo credit, I did link it back to the source just like Flickr says I need to do.

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