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New iPod First Thoughts

Well I’ve had Chester, my new iPod, for over a week now and I haven’t gotten to play with him much. My old iPod is working just fine and my new iTrip hasn’t arrived just yet. However, here are my current issues with the iPod.

First, Apple cuts costs by packing the iPod with a USB 2 cable and that’s it. No Firewire. That’s not a bad idea except that my Powerbook doesn’t have USB 2! So I had to go to the store and pick up a new iPod to Firewire Cord.

I also thought the iPod would come with the spiffy Dock. They look so nice and I was disappointed that I didn’t get one. So I had to get one of them too. Now I need a second one for work but I probably won’t buy one for a while. I’m thinking one with a radio, speakers and remote! 🙂

Then, my biggest problem, was that music isn’t supposed to come off the iPod. So I had six gigs of music on my old iPod and had to find a way to get them onto my new iPod. Enter . PodWorks is a fantastic little program that allowed me to transfer my music from my old iPod to iTunes which I then copied to the new iPod. Not as easy as some may wish, but it worked and worked well and didn’t take to long.

So the new iPod, Chester, is all set up and ready to go. I’ve been using him at home a little and I’m waiting for my iTrip to arrive so I can take him to work and play him in my car on the way.

So far, I’m extremely happy with my new, free, iPod.

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