While out shopping with my Mom over the weekend, I came across LED Christmas lights. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights are a new bread of Christmas lights. They have some amazing features that I can’t help but get excited over.

  • Indoor or Outdoor – That’s always good.
  • Cool to the touch – With no filament they don’t get warm or hot.
  • Uses 80% less electricity – That means more money for me!
  • Will last for 20 years – That’s much longer than regular Christmas lights at my place.
  • Won’t Break – Not sure how that’s possible, but it sounds excellent. (I’m not careful)

The LED lights didn’t look much different than regular lights and came in two our three sizes. They also came in a sweet ice blue color. Once on a tree they didn’t look any different than other Christmas lights. The price wasn’t bad either. Maybe a dollar or two more, but it’s worth it for the long life span, safety and durability of the lights.

Now my Mom did buy some, but she hasn’t put them up yet. If I get any new lights this year I’ll be getting LED lights as the cost saving measure is a big deal.

If you want to see the lights for yourself, head over to Menards as that is where we found them. Not sure if they are available else where, but I’m sure they are.