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Looking for good Christmas music.

O Christmas TreeI’m in search of some good Christmas music. Every year artists come out with Christmas albums and some are good while others are the same ol same ol.

Sure, Winter Wonderland is a great song, but everyone does it. Same with All I Want for Christmas and many more. The classics are great, but some artists come out with their own versions or their own Christmas songs. Those are the ones I’m looking for as some are excellent!

Some good examples include Deck the Halls by SheDaisy, Jingle Bells by Crazy Frog, New York Christmas by Rob Thomas and Merry Christmas Happy Holiday by NSYNC.

So, do you know any traditional holiday songs with a twist? Or non-traditional Christmas music that’s good? If so, please share!

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  1. BLaSha says:

    hello there, i love yer blog!! i wanted to add sumthin like your Xmas lights, but on blogger, i’ve tried so hard, but i failed each time, so, would you please tell me how ya had those lights up there? thanx
    u know where to email me at

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