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iPod Hi-Fi Unveiled!

At Apple’s special even today they updated the Mac Mini and unveiled the iPod Hi-Fi.

The iPod Hi-Fi is not a new iPod but rather a home stereo system. Basically it’s a big set of speakers. 😉 No radio or CD player (that’s so 2000) just great sound (surround sound) in a simplistic design with a built in iPod dock and remote. However for $350 I think I’ll pass for now. Maybe there is a iPod Hi-Fi mini coming out. Ha ha.

The real cool introduction was the updated Mac Mini. Same form factor and size but with an Intel chip inside (2-3 times faster), a few more ports and great software. The Mac Mini comes with all the software you need to create and play movies, music, pictures and much more. BYOKDM though (bring your own keyboard and mouse) as the Mac Mini cuts costs by not including what you probably have lying around. Or, just hook it up to the TV and use the remote!

Personally I’d take a Mac Mini over an iPod Hi-Fi but they are both pretty cool. Just more Apple toys!! 😀

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